Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello I'm the WebcomiCritic

Hello, I'm the WebcomiCritic, I do it because, well... somebody has to! Webcomic reviews are either fluff filled like my predecessor Robert A. Howard "Tangent" or filled with with hate, bitterness, and no constructiveness like my sworn nemesis John Solomon.

I'm here to provide a straight up fact filled review, and curse free while I'm at it! (It's a personal moral code thing)

Anyhow, with your support I intend to try to do the best I can with this thing.

And What better way to start this than with the first webcomic I ever read...

The Wotch...

Anyhow, See you guys next week God allow.

-Read or Die You Uneducated Buffoons,


  1. You make it sound like I'm not updating anymore. ;)


    THat was... Unexpected... I didn't expect you coming around at all Mr. Tanget....

    I suddenly feel like real jerk...