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Hello I'm the WebcomiCritic, I do it because, well... somebody has to!

Like my picture? It's my new look as the WebcomiCritic!

Though many of you probably don't know it, I had this old look:
The old look being that doll right there when I'm my usual me: Mousa the 14. Notice the plain old shirt and jeans. I decided my new look would have a weird and colorful old-age reporter look to it.

And thus evidence that I can draw. I just don't color. Someone stole my colored pencil set and these markers were all I had. At least I'm not criticizing artistic ability with no experience. I do just as well as the rest of them! When I stop being lazy, you'll see, you'll ALL see! I'll produce a webcomic god beyond your wildest DREAMS!


Anyhow, I'll try to get back to work right... How about now? I shall try to review the Surrealistic piece of Internet madness known as DREADED-Er, I mean, DRESDEN CODAK!


Whu? Oh, that's Not a good sign...


Wait, Stop, NO! What are you doing? Computer, Stop... Stop! GAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Oy vey.... Ya know what folks, never mind.... Maybe Next time....

When school stops sucking I'll be back in business...

"EXCELSIOR!"(By my Idol, Stan Lee)

-Read or Die you Uneducated Buffoons!
The WebcomiCritic

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So... Many... Webcomics....

Hello I'm the WebcomiCritic, I do it becuase, well.... somebody has to!

I have a list... Of Webcomics... A List of Webcomics I've read or legitmatly tried to read (as in made good progress in its archives). These will probbaly be what I'll be reviewing and good lord what a list it is. In addition, I'm throwing in a list of comics recommended to me that I'll try to look into.

What's more, i'll provide a link for each one so you guys can look int othem and form your own opinions.

*Glances at handwrittne list* GOOD LORD ALAMIGHTY, DID I REALLY READ THIS MANY!?!? Wow, is still read that one? Aww that one ended? Hmm, hey I don't even look at THAT one anymore, and... I have to look at that again?


I think I'm going to hate my job... Anyhow, May as well jump in and take on the challenge head on.... TALLY HO!

Webcomics I've Read or Tried to Read
The Wotch
El Goonish Shive (One of the best, It'll be hard for me to maintain my posture as a critic...)
Abstract Gender (don't bother, there are many reasons why I stopped reading this...)
Girly (Surprisingly good. You Hardly see Cerebus Syndrome work in a good way)
The Lounge
Venus Envy (UPDATE ALREADY!!!)
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki(It's absurd and the heavy fanservice makes me doubt a woman did this. Plot? WHat Plot?)
Zebra Girl
The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. (This is one of those comics that's good but has no publicity. It should be more popular)
The Suburban Jungle (How a furry comic is meant to work)
The Class Menagerie
Sabrina Online (NO COMMENT!)
Blue and Blond (Good Too)

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures (Great stuff)

2Kinds (It's like te plot got eaten by fanservice and slave fetishes becuase once upon a time, it had potential)
Inverloch (There are so many good and bad things about this one)
Least I Could Do (I only got into this recently. Finally, life through the eyes of a cassanova's friends)
Charby the Vampirate (I'd put this on a list of Webcomic LEGENDS)
Unlife is Unfair (Same person as above, but funner ^_^)
Elijah and Azuu (very long, very Epic, anotehr webcomic LEGEND. Odd, the epic half of the comic is down...)
NPC (I need to get back into this)
Menage a 3(So... Much... Fanservice... There is no way a woman made this!)
Culture Shock

Proeprty of Gwen
Alone in a Crowd (This is how you combine two kinds of right and make one wrong)
Cool Cat Studios (Another I'll give memorial to, but at least it actually ended. On a strange note.)
Blue Zombie (I'm going to have a memorial review of this greatness)
Lumia's Kingdom (from the same guy who did Blue Zombie)
Housepets! (Housepets. You need more?)-Newbie Ranted
Precocious (Becuase Knowledge is a weapon!)-Newbie ranted
Catharsis (I don't know, It was fine, then is started losing energy and then... I don't know...)
Slightly Damned (pretty cool comic, doubt it needs the warning thing though)
FW! (The only logical explanation for this comic is that it exists to make the poor main kid miserable...)
Peter and Company
Kevin and Kell (This is like of the webcomic Ancients! I think this is what Precocious and Housepets! want to be when they grow up)
Namir Deiter (Good)
You Say it First
Ardra (WHOA! I haven't read this in forever and the art has already gone from good to better!)
Blue Crash Kit (You had potential! YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE!)
8-bit Theatre (Hey, the Site Went through a upgrade!)
Girls with Slingshots
Fanboys (F@nb0ys$)
Loserz (Go to the Forum and download the archive, it's your only chance- wait, it's back? It's BACK? IT"S BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! TvT!!!)
Bob and George
No Pink Ponies
Fur Will Fly
Zap! (A Cliche Storm... God Shoot me)
Runway (A fashion ocmic that's not at all about fashion!)
Dominic Deegan
Las Lindas
Count Your Sheep
No Room for Magic
Wisdom of Moo
VG Cats
Questionable Content

Order of the Stick
(Webcomic LEGEND! Don't need good art to tell an AMAZING story!)
Sandra and Woo
The Dreamland Chronicles
Sequential Art (This was obivously meant to be nonesensical. Just roll with it)
Misfile (How Long ago was it when I read you?)
Minus (... I can't think of anything to say. It's just that good)
Langlang (Think Precocious if it took a different route)

(How long ago was it when I read you?)


I REALLY Hate my job now...

oh yeah, the recommendationsthat I will look into list...

List of Webcomics That Have Been Recommended to Me or That I've Heard too Many Good (And Bad) Things About That I Will Look Into Eventually
Experiment 0009
Dr. McNinja
Ozy and Millie
Sluggy Freelance
College Roomate From Hell!
The Wotch: Cheer!
Wapsi Square
Penny Arcade (Yeah Yeah, so I haven't walked in the glow of it's majestic presence, so sue me!)
Penny and Aggie

.... Thank goodness that's a short list...

Anyhow, remember, I take recommndations and comments just add anything to the comment box or contact me at

"Face front, true believers"(My Idol Stan Lee) is today's finishing quote.

-Read or Die you Uneducated Buffoons,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Newbie Rant 2: Housepets!

Hello I'm the WebcomiCritic, I do it because, well.... SOMEbody has to!

We all love our pets, don't we? I personally have an annoying little Lahasa Apso. Now imagine THIS: Your pets are sentient, and anthromorphosized and the height of a small child. What would they be doing all day? I think This little webcomic known as Housepets! was trying to do and gosh darned it they succeeded. ANd Frankly, I'm REALLY glad my lahasa Apso isn't anrhto nor sentient after reading this.

Starting at about June 2008, definite Newbie material, is basically about housepets. And that's about it, it's about housepets.


But seriously, this well drawn comic by a man name Griffin portrays pets virtually as children who are almost human besides height and differences in clothing style. They still play pretend, no matter how weird they make it out to be.

The story focuses around a cat and a dog living with the Sandwich family. The Dog is Peanut Butter or Just Peanut and the Cat is Grape Jelly or just Grape (Note the purple fur. Also note He-, She-, WHATEVER, is the only one with a weird fur color). I now, I hate the pun too, but trust me, you won't even remember the pun as you read the comic, for there are more pressing issues in this comic.

The humor content of this comic ranges from WTF moments to Irony to Slapstick to... Hm, now that I think about it, It covers almost all humor from making fun of the Artist's style of pet anatomy to making fun of the furry fandom (Yes, even with pets it can be possible) and yet I don't think a single joke has relied on bad puns or terrible wordplay. And when they did at the beginning, it was overrun with the joke of Grape giving up on playing pretend simply becuase Peanut's wordplay sucked.

Now that I think about it, It was the very first strip! Griffin learned his lesson from the very beginning didn't he? Comedy is more than just bad puns and slapstick, timing, irony, and topical humor is what makes a funny comic.

Now, in terms of the format. Hmm, Same pitfalls as Newbie Paulsen. Trying to make a story-arc type story in the form of "Sunday Newspaper Funnies" strips. He made it work too, but Griffin's arcs aren't as long and feel a little less connected. You moreso feel that when you pick up somewhere, you moreso understand what's going on without needing to read the other strips. I suppose it's okay, but really people, find a format and stick with it for face the falls of DOMINIC DEEGAN

And Finally, it doesn't seem to properly end most of it's story arcs, they either seem to end on some random note or cliffhanger. Though there are plots Griffin could have gone ages on, I'm guessing the nature of the comic prevents him from doing uber long term plots. Which is almost a pity really. Though maybe those cliffhangers are going to be picked up on later. Clever indeed. At least, I think he's clever, eh hasn't proven otherwise, but this comic has the potential to prove just how clever a writer Grffin may be.

Anyhow, Housepets! has the feel of a gag-a-day strip and I have no problems with it. That's what it seems to do the most. I suppose this is was separates it from Paulsen's Precocious here: Though in his defense, I hear Paulsen will turn Precocious into a proper gag-a-day by, hmmm May-ish?

Comparison's aside, I should probably get into Housepet's artwork. Well, it started good, got color, then as of recent, got better! Before, you had a hard time telling Grape was even a cat besides the ears and fish collar. Same with the other animals really. Especially Difficult with characters like Fox.

He isn't mentioned by name but he's on the dog's side has the pointed ears. See, hard to tell he's a dog besides the slightly longer snout. Way to go Griffin. At least when he improves his artwork or claims it's "Closer to his regular style" (Which is basically more detail, and I prefer it.). The Dog's noses look like dog noses and the cat's eyes look like cat eyes.

The scribbles? Don't worry, That's Peanut's artwork. As the sensitive one, he's also an artist. But you can see the improvement, right?

Now where was I, ah yes, the pitfalls in the art. The anatomy isn't bad but the physiology isn't... defined. I mean look at them, can you even tell what gender they are? In fact, when Grape Revealed herself to be female, even I! was surprised! AND I READ THE CAST PAGE BEFOREHAND! AND I THOUGHT IT WAS A TYPO!!! IT HAD BE A TYPO! WHAT ELSE COULD IT HAVE BEEN! THERE WAS NO WAY GRAPE WAS FEMALE!

Oy vey... I'm saying "Oy Vey" and I'm not even Jewish, but it's the only thing that currently describes my feelings. I can understand Griffin may have done it on purpose for visual humor. Heck, the title said was that he planned this a while. But sheesh, it's like it's being told from a human's point of view when we're too ignorant to actually know. But when it's the animals, there's no excuse! I mean Grape has a point:


Eyelashes a female does not make. It took me years of drawing to learn this rule. But Grape doesn't even have long eyelashes. This makes it worse! Oh so much worse! I mean, It's fairly clear that they're "too young" to have curves, but come on man, show some effort!

And this does not only confound her own best friend and sibling:


Talk about insult to injury! Sheesh!

Okay, that rant about that minor flaw in the artwork is over, I'm moving over to characterization.

I originally thought stereotypical: "Stupid Dog, Smart cat, crazy hijinks about how opposite they are ensure" But that's not what we got. We got two characters who are fairly similar in intellect with similar interest whose subtle personality differences show off like a beacon. In the very beginning we have the Excitable Peanut and the lazy Grape and despite being quite different, they are still somehow able to do equally silly things such as...

Evidence that they are children. This is done expertly... And yet, you can still till Peanut is the sensitive and slightly silly one and Grape the pragmatic one. Though sometimes his-GAH! HER logic is TOO logical for her own good. This is good enough. And every other character is well defined that you can remember most of them pretty okay-ish. Like Bino is the pompous and self-serving jerk, Fido is the nice guy who just seems to try to do the right thing even with his taboos, and Max is more sarky than any other cat in the story. Simplistic, but it works. I doubt this was meant for a story arc type thing and more a gag-a-day story.

And the human owners? they're there but their faces are more or less absent like in Cow and Chicken only in Housepets! They're actually drawn well.

Now the concepts I guess. I love how Griffin's punchlines cover so many bases from Quips at his own undetailed artwork, Issues about interspecies dating

Simply LIKING or showing interest in another species in general

Continental stereotypes (Looks like those guys escaped the Great War of the Australian Stereotypes)

Quips at the fact they're pets

Classic slapstick combined with paranoid insanity

Furries and Roleplaying (*shudders* That Joey kid is so creepy...)

And the Most controversial of all:

Smoking Catnip.

It's like a Furry comic for kids! Okay, maybe pre-teens but you get my point.

This is good stuff! ANyhow, this isn't a bad webcomic I have terrible things to say about.

Dangit, I'm really killing this WebcomiCRITIC rep I'm supposed to have, aren't I? I'm starting to be all fluffy and nice like... TANGENT!!!!

DO not frett faithful readers! I'll get really nasty once I get to Dominic Deegan. Once I finish reading that on my own time there will be words! Followed by words words! and... And a Deadpan Snarking!

Hmm, and I may have over did it on the images today, but what can I say? I LOVED this comic's gags and their variety.

But yeah, how do I finish this up?

Uh.... A Grape quote would be most suitable... ah-hah! I got it!

"HA! I was only ABOUT to take a nap... Well I would rather be taking a nap - WHAT DO YOU WANT?"



-Read or Die you Uneducated Buffoons
The WebcomiCritic

Newbie Rant 1: Precocious

Hello I'm the WebcomiCritic, I do it because, well... somebody has to!

I'm sucky at deadlines, ain't I? Well besides the fact school has been draining my life away, I couldn't archive Binge The Wotch. And I was so looking forward to snarking at it too.


Instead I shall be doing a little Newbie Rant, which will be a series of me doing webcomics that are fairly new and have enough material to give it an overview of it's potential. My FIrst Newbie Rant is about an interesting little comic I picked up not too long ago called Precocious and lord knows it has a good reason to.

The comic started out in about 2008 on a date I for the life of me cannot discern because the author decided not to put dates. Still, It's far fresher than any of the other webcomics I read so it's still good for a Newbie Rant.

The comic is about some kids, I think they're somewhere between 6-10 years old judging by their size and their ability to speak well. Not to mention their capability for evil...

You'd think children at their age would be too innocent to know exactly what good and evil are, but I believe you under estimate the comic's Title whose definition means "Developing, occurring, or appearing before the expected time."

The prologue story arc is about these kids trying to outwit each other in a war of who's the most evil that somehow escalates into a Gender Wars, especially when... The miniature Straw Feminist Communist comes along.

Yes, a Pint-sized feminist that believes that the "separation" between upper-middle class and middle-middle class is unfair


Adorable or Just plain creepy? YOU THE VIEWER DECIDE!

In fact, that's probably what makes the comic so lovable. Sure only adults would make the sort of arguments they make some of the time, but only children would blow things so out of proportion.

The concept is fascinating and the jokes are pretty funny, but I'm easy to amuse. Afterall, I'm probably one of the few who thinks a Soulless Faux Beauty Pageant girl is funny because it's demonstrating children capable of performing the most devious of acts...

Jazz Hands indeed.

Anyhow, What I find curious is how Paulsen decided to use Funny animals to portray the protagonists of this gag-a-day/story (Don't think He's quite decided yet.), but it was probably becuase he felt like it. though he may have a hard time keeping the furry-haters from beating him up.

Problems with the strip would include the format. I mean, is it gag-a-day like a serilized newspaper (Which judging from the strip style is how it's supposed to feel) or story and arc based with the occasional filler. Sounds like the trap Dominic Deegan fell into, which can be problematic. I mean, there's nothing wrong with using strips for arc-based stories, but, sometimes it's hard to pull off, and when you get a style that makes you think "Sunday Newspaper Funnies", story isn't really what matters, the punchline on that single strip does.

However, I have seen none of these pitfalls affect our Newbie Paulsen here.

What's more, the art is pretty good. Unlike most webcomic artists that start bad and get better, Pualsen started good and can probably only get better form there. I'd personally complain as a fellow artist about his the eyes take up 90% of the characters' faces(Since, you know, ordinary people have FOREHEADS), it's probably a stylistic choice considering it's more cartoony than something meant to be anatomically correct.

The Art style is simple enough to be allow him to do the Daily comic he makes this out to be, and has even added color. Shading is doubtful and I doubt it'd be necessary.

Not much to complain about except... Oh yeah, I knew I forgot something, my specialization as a writer: characterization...

The Kids are a bit... i dunno, Their personalities seem fine but they seem to be... Exaggerated versions of what they're supposed to be. It's like there was a comic about them earlier that never got published and their personalities were mild like whipped cream, and then all of a sudden Flanderization came along and by the time they got to the finished product, they're like uber extreme tobasco-wasabi sauce of what they once were..

Like an army of Strawman-kids or sumthin'! Taking some sort of view they're meant to represent and exaggerating them out of Proportion. Like that freaky Pacifist kid!

A Starwman Pacifist if I ever saw one. I mean, who taught this kid how to be a kid? It's like child-like fun was forced out of his very existence and we have this abomination against Nature!

Anyhow, that's my take. Still not doing bad. I haven't had much to complain about...


MY GOD, How am I supposed to have a rep as a WebcomiCRITIC when I can't criticize something!

Don't worry folks, I'll get angry in no time, just you wait, I'll find a particularly NASTY webcomic that is so bad that I have to have some constructive criticism for them that'll totally sound mean-spirited!

I'm open to suggestions before I pick stuff out from my list. e-mail me at

Anyhow, remember, as Precocious's caption says:

"Because Knowledge is a Weapon."

-Read or Die You Uneducated Buffoons,