Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Page Wonder: VG Cats

Hello I'm the WebcomiCritic, I do it because, well... Somebody has to!

Ladies and gentlemen, a miracle has occurred. No, Tim Buckley did not learn how to improve is art. Neither did Mookie. F@NB0Y$ didn't get a consistent update schedule and Shredded Moose did not become a respectable webcomic. El Goonish Shive hasn't cleared up a single subplot and overarching plot. And The Wotch didn't decide it was going to get better.

I'll show you the miracle:

VG Cats was FUNNY!

Scott Rasoomair, better known as the well dressed but not at all interesting Pantsman, suddenly decided to make a funny joke. He decided for once that "Hey, I'm going to do a comic that's funny and won't involve toilet humor and bad jokes deriving from rape, murder, and poo." (I'm not going to provide examples. You'll stumble upon it in nearly every page of his archives.) He actually did a good comic that poked god fun at the mechanics of the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I'm shocked. I'm touched. For once, a comic that doesn't insult our intelligence by making comics that could only appeal to the baser humor of Jocks and 7-year olds.

If He keeps this up, people might actually like this guy.

Oh, and here's another one:

The art got BETTER.

This guy is dishing out miracle after effing miracle! Maybe next time his artwork will be good with a funny comic. But what about this comic? I doesn't seem funny; If there was a joke in there, I never got it. maybe it's for some niche audience I don't know about. But who cares about that?

Look at this! The art is amazing! shadows, unique facial features, no over use of googly eyes, detailed looking backgrounds and terrain. I can't even do that!

Where has he been hiding this talent!?? WHY has he been hiding this talent? Does he not want people to know that he's good at jokes and drawing? Does he want be seen as the talentless and juvenile scum of the internet on similar ground to Tim Buckley we all despise?

Whatever the reason may be, he better scrap that reason and keep doing this. You hear that Pantsman? KEEP DOING THIS! KEEP DOING GOOD WORK! THEN MAYBE THE INTERNET WILL STOP LOOKING DOWN ON YOU!

"Broforce" -Chet and JR. Yes, it is stupid and over the top.

-Read Or Die You Uneducated Buffoons
The Webcomicritic


  1. Soooo, can I have a copy of the original harsh review you did of my comic?
    It was pretty amusing, and I'm wishing I'd saved it now.

  2. Have you abandoned being a critic?
    This hasn't updated anymore and you've stopped responding to me.
    If so, I think it is a shame after people disagreed with you one time. You can't expect people on the inter net to always give you praise (just look at what you said about my comic!)
    Hope we haven't seen the last of you.

  3. Well, looks like the Harko-fans have officially destroyed the webcomic critic.
    I'm really annoyed I didn't save the original review when I had the chance now!
    I guess you live and learn!

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